European Federation of Addiction Societies (EUFAS) statement of solidarity for Ukraine and for promoting peaceful collaboration throughout Europe. 
As a European Federation, EUFAS supports peaceful networking and cooperation between all European countries. As a result, EUFAS deplores the tragic situation that Ukraine is facing and is strongly hoping for a rapid and complete return of peace in the country.
EUFAS board is committed to providing any help and support that is possible to clinicians and scientist colleagues in the addiction field exposed to the consequences of the current situation. We aim to find temporary hosting in another European country for our colleagues displaced from Ukraine by the conflict (please contact benjamin.rolland@univ-lyon1.fr).
EUFAS also calls for greater support and resources to agencies providing medical and humanitarian aid to the region. We encourage donations to Médecins Sans Frontières as an international organisation who are active in the medical response in Ukraine, at great personal risk to medical and logistics teams – https://www.msf.org/ukraine

Introduction to EUFAS:

While addictive behaviour looks very similar across Europe, policy and care approaches seem to be diverse, offering an opportunity for mutual exchange and learning. EUFAS aims to promote education and advance in understanding in the field of addiction in all European countries, leading to better research, policies and practice. Read more…

Participating addiction societies:

36 national societies from 24 European countries and 5 European organizations participate in EUFAS. Learn more…

The official journal of EUFAS is European Addiction Research:

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