Procedure to join the European Federation of Addiction Societies (EUFAS)

EUFAS members are scientific national or international society dedicated to studying or treating addiction-related problems. A full list of the current members can be found here.

The member societies participate in the scientific and networking activities of the Federation, such as expert surveys, general assembly and board meetings, EUFAS symposia and news collections/distribution.

Annual membership fees for EUFAS are currently 1,- € per member individual, with a maximum limit of 300,- €.

If you are  interested in participating in EUFAS, please:

  1. download the EUFAS membership application form
  2. Complete the information required and save the form with your society title in the file name
  3. Send the completed form to the EUFAS Secretariat:[at]

For any enquiries about the EUFAS member societies or membership, please write to the EUFAS Secretariat:[at] or EUFAS president: geert.dom[at]