Since 2016, EUFAS also collaborates with the journal European Addiction Research to present the EUFAS-EAR Award to an outstanding scientist in addiction research, inviting the winner to deliver a plenary presentation on their work:.


  • EUFAS-EAR Award 2018: Wim van den Brink receives the third EUFAS-EAR Award and gives a plenary lecture: Precision Medicine in Addiction: A Bright Future? at the European Psychiatric Association meeting in Nice, France. Click links to the online full text or PDF versions of the contribution to European Addiction Research (EAR).
  • EUFAS-EAR Award 2020: Professor Marta Torrens receives the fifth EUFAS-EAR Award and gives a plenary lecture at the 3rd International congress of the SOCIDROGALCOHOL. She contributed a research article to European Addiction Research (EAR): “New Synthetic Opioids Use among Patients in Treatment for an Opioid Use Disorder in Barcelona”. You can read it online or download it. Find out why she was chosen here.
  • EUFAS-EAR Award 2021: Professor Anne Lingford-Hughes receives the sixth EUFAS-EAR Award and gives a plenary lecture at the SSA 2021 conference. Her contribution to European Addiction Research (EAR) is yet to be published. Read here the EAR editorial.
  • EUFAS-EAR Award 2022: Professor John Marsden is the recipient of the seventh EUFAS-EAR Award.
  • EUFAS-EAR Award 2023: EUFAS member societies are invited to propose candidates for this year’s award before 31 August. For further information, please contact emeline.breniaux[at]