Treatment, Clinical Practice & Care

EUFAS aims at identifying and sharing knowledge about evidence-based interventions to prevent and treat addiction problems, and their translation into practice. Many European countries have seen considerable improvements in the care of people with substance use disorders and other addiction problems. EUFAS includes taskforces committed to moving forward key clinical aspects in addiction treatment and care:

  • Guidelines for treatment of substance use disorders: This taskforce is dedicated to collecting and exchanging information on treatment guidelines; starting with AUDs, and to be later extended to other substances. The aim is to work toward harmonisation of national efforts on treatment guidelines to promote best practice.
  • Tackling liver transplant issues for those with alcohol problems: Building on ongoing projects related to alcoholic liver disease, this taskforce aims to elaborate a protocol to study means of assessing alcohol use in liver transplant patients through a number of different indicators, including questionnaires, self-reports, ethanol metabolites or other biomarkers , with the objective of seeking funding for such a study; and with the ultimate aim of improving outcomes in this patient population.

Despite recent improvements, governmental austerity measures currently put European healthcare systems under pressure, resulting in sub-optimal practice in many areas. EUFAS is committed to campaigning and supporting the allocation of financial resources to help preserve and enhance care structures and promote good treatment options and care for people with substance use disorders.

Clinical Guidelines for AUD in France (2015)

Clinical Guidelines for AUD in France on children and adolescents (2015)

Clinical Guidelines for AUD in Germany (2017)

German guidelines for tobacco sessation [Short version] (2016)