EUFAS supports the Oslo Declaration

The European Federation of Addiction Societies (EUFAS) supports the Oslo Declaration and shares its vision and mission for a renewed effort in dealing more effectively with alcohol-related harm in Europe. Implementation of high-impact alcohol policy solutions, strategies and plans will contribute to achieving the highest possible level of health, welfare and wellbeing for all citizens and communities across European countries.

The principles of the Oslo Declaration have been, over the past decade, part of the EUFAS mission to develop and disseminate the research evidence base in supporting evidence-based public health policies, which have been delayed by the influence of commercial vested interests and alcohol industry interference.

The declaration also aligns with the role of EUFAS in collaborating with the scientific community to support the European Union, World Health Organisation, and European Member States in the implementation of the WHO’s evidence-based Global Alcohol Action Plan 2022-2030, and the European Parliament’s Resolution to prevent cancer through empowering properly informed consumer choice and supporting a zero alcohol strategy for young people.

EUFAS supports the strengthening of the pivotal role of scientific societies, advocacy and civil society in preventing and reducing alcohol harm, and offers all the available competencies and stewardship in contributing to the achievement of alcohol-related United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and targets to achieve a healthier society.

You can read the declaration itself on this website: