EUFAS-ESBRA joint symposium, 19.09.22

On 19 September 2022, the EUFAS arranged with ESBRA a symposium on Innovative pharmacological approaches for treating Alcohol Use Disorder during the second world conference of Alcohol and Alcoholism.

Lorenzo Leggio from the USA presented an investigation into new neuroendocrine target toward the development of new pharmacotherapies for Alcohol Use Disorder, looking at the drug spironolactone. Mickael Naassila form France presented a talk on the efficacy of psychedelics in animal models of binge drinking and Alcohol Use Disorder. Benjamin Rolland presented an upcoming French study on the use of cannabidiol in Alcohol Use Disorder.

The symposium was well-attended and was chaired by Jørgen G. Bramness from EUFAS and Marcin Wojnar from EUFAS and ESBRA.

Jørgen Bramness and Marcin Wojnar presenting at the joint symposium