Forthcoming addiction events

Event Information:

  • Wed

    4th Contemporary Drug Problems Conference (CDP 2017)

    Helsinki, Finland

    Conference theme: 'Making alcohol and other drug realities'

    Abstract submission deadline: 1/3/2017

    Building on CDP's three previous conferences, which have opened up questions of how drugs are problematised; how the complexity of drug use might be attended to and managed; and how drug use might be understood as event, assemblage or phenomenon, we now seek submissions for presentations that critically explore and debate the issues posed when we approach science, policy, treatment, law and other practices as constituting the realities they seek to address.

    Possible topics include consideration of the realities constituted in or by:

    • Prohibition and international drug conventions
      Mandated treatment
      Drug courts
      Alcohol and other drug policy
      Education/health promotion in schools and universities
      Harm reduction services and measures
      Neuroscientific approaches to drug effects and addiction
      Monitoring/surveillance systems
      Research on drug trends
      Quantitative measures of alcohol and other drug use
      Qualitative concepts of subjectivity, agency, affect, identity
      Post-qualitative research methods
      Consumer accounts and narratives of drug use, addiction and recovery
      Medical and other forms of diagnosis/assessment
      Treatment models and practices
      Youth and other drug services
      Social media websites and apps
      Popular culture enactments of drug use
      Other relevant topics welcome.

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