EUFAS invited symposia

EUFAS organises or co-organises conferences or symposia on addiction research in the member society countries:

2019 - Warsaw (Apr. 6 - 9) - 2019 EPA conference

EUFAS was invited to hold a joint symposium with the EPA within the frame of the 2019 EPA conference in Warsaw, Poland. Title of the symposium was “Cannabis and the Brain: an Update for Psychiatrists”

Chairs: Professor Philip Gorwood, France, president of EPA and Professor Geert Dom, Belgium, President of EUFAS
Speakers: Gual A. Neurosciences Institute. Hospital Clínic. IDIBAPS, Addictions Unit. Psychiatry Department, Barcelona, Spain.

Title: Measuring Quantity Matters: the Need for a Standard Joint Unit

L. Miquel. Addiction Unit Hospital Clínic of Barcelona. IDIBAPS, Psychiatry. ICN, Barcelona, Spain.

Title: Is it Possible to Measure Brain Disfunction in Cannabis Use Disorders? The Visomotor Rotation Task as a Biomarker of Cerebellum Alterations.

J. Cousijn. University of Amsterdam, Psychology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Title: Heavy Long-Term Cannabis Use: the Neurocognitive Effects.

E. Hoch. Ludwig Maximilian University, Department of Psychiatry, Munich, Germany.

Title: The CANDIS Program, a Validated Intervention to Treat Cannabis Use Disorders.

2018 - Nice (Mar. 3 - 6) - 2018 EPA conference

EUFAS was invited to hold a joint symposium with the EPA within the frame of the 2018 EPA conference in Nice, France.

Chairs: Prof. Dr. S. Galderisi, President EPA and Prof. Dr. A. Gual, Past-President EUFAS
Speakers: Sabine Vollstädt-Klein, University of Heidelberg, Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim, Germany.

Title: Interaction between behavioral inhibition and neural alcohol cue-reactivity in ADHD and alcohol use disorder

Albert Batalla, Department of Psychiatry, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, Radboud University Medical Centre, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Title: Exploring novel targets in the transition from reward to misery in comorbid substance use and mood disorders

Colin Drummond, King’s College London, and Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK

Title: Addiction treatment – what is needed?

2017 - Lisbon (Oct. 24 - 26) - LxAddictions 2017

EUFAS was invited to hold a symposium within the frame of the 2nd European Conference on Addictions and Dependencies (Lisbon Addictions 2017), in Lisbon, Portugal.

Chairs: Antoni Gual i Solé, Barcelona & Geert Dom, Boechout, Belgium
Speakers: Karl Mann, Germany – An empirical basis to diagnose gambling and gaming disorders in ICD-11. 

Conor Farren, Ireland – An overview of European Addiction Clinical guidelines.

Jørgen Bramness, Norway – The legal status of medical and recreational use of cannabis throughout Europe.

2016 - Alicante (Mar. 10 - 12) - Socidrogalcohol

EUFAS was invited to hold a symposium on European developments in addiction science and policy at the 43rd Spanish Socidrogalcohol conference, in Alicante, Spain.

European Federation of Addictions Societies – Symposium

Chair: Antoni Gual i Solé, Barcelona
Emanuele Scafato, Milan
Good clinical practice and European guidelines for low-risk consumption: the RAHRA Joint Action

Antoni Gual i Solé, Barcelola
Are ‘addictions’ obsolete? New concepts for the redesign of drug policies (download PDF presentation)

Julio Bobes García, Asturias
Perceptions of the Spanish population on alcoholism and it’s treatment (download PDF presentation)

Jørgen G. Bramness, Oslo & Friedrich Wurst, Hamburg
The registry status and perceived efficacy of drugs used for Alcohol Use Disorders in Europe (download PDF presentation)

2015 - Dundee (Oct. 5 - 8) - International Society of Addiction Medicine

Harmonising alcohol policies and Treatment Guidelines throughout Europe

Chair: Prof. Karl Mann, Mannheim, Germany
Dr. Antoni Gual, Barcelona, Spain
Jorgen Bramness, Oslo
Norwegian guidelines for the treatment of substance use disorders

Henri-Jean Aubin, Paris
The new French clinical practice guidelines on alcohol misuse (download PDF presentation)

Karl Mann, Mannheim
The German evidence-based guidelines for the treatment of alcoholism (download PDF presentation)

Colin Drummond, London
Comparing new alcohol guidelines with the international gold standard (download PDF presentation)

2014 - Berlin (Sep. 30 - Oct. 2) - Suchtkongress

This symposium provided an overview on the current use of brief interventions in alcohol and tobacco-related disorders in the practices of GPs in Northern Germany; specific approaches to early interventions for patients with tobacco-related disorders; a European survey on brief interventions in the GP setting for patients with alcohol-related disorders including new derived treatment approaches; and implementing brief intervention techniques already during medical studies.

Alcohol and Tobacco-related disorders – new chances for early interventions in general practice

Chairs: Prof. Karl Mann, Mannheim
Dr. Christof von Ascheraden, St. Blasien
Hans-Jürgen Rumpf, Lübeck
Drinking and smoking – status quo of interventions by general practitioners (download PDF presentation)

Henri-Jean Aubin, Paris
An update on helping patients to quit smoking (download PDF presentation)

Antoni Gual, Barcelona
Early interventions in alcohol problems – a European Perspective in Primary Healthcare (download PDF presentation)

Jean-Bernard Daeppen, Lausanne
Teaching medical students in early interventions
Discussant: Christoph von Ascheraden, St. Blasien

2013 - Warsaw (Sep. 7 - 8) - ESBRA Conference

A scientific event of EUFAS was held during the European Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism (ESBRA) conference in Warsaw, Sept. 7th – 8th 2013. EUFAS had the privilege to organise two specific “EUFAS symposia”:

1. Nurturing addiction research and harmonising alcoholism treatment in Europe

Chairs: Karl Mann, Mannheim
Henri-Jean Aubin, Paris
Speakers: Jorgen Bramness, Oslo (download PDF presentation)
Colin Drummond, London (Download PDF Presentation)
Toni Gual, Barcelona (Download PDF Presentation)
Jürgen Rehm, Toronto

2. Liver Transplantation: a European Perspective

Chairs: Friedrich Wurst, Salzburg
Marcin Wojnar, Warsaw
Speakers: Geert Dom, Boechout (PDF Presentation download)
Friedrich Wurst, Salzburg
Helmut K. Seitz, Heidelberg
Julio Bobes, Oviedo
Uwe Preuss, Halle

2013 - Paris (June 6 - 7) - Albatros Conference

The “Albatros Conference” is an annual meeting organisd by the French Fédéracion Addiction which takes place in early June in Paris and assembles between 700 – 800 scientists and practitioners. In 2013 EUFAS was invited to organise a symposium dealing with a comparison of existing treatment guidelines in Europe:

The treatment of alcohol use disorders in Europe. Status of guidelines

Chairs: Karl Mann, Mannheim
Henri-Jean Aubin, Villejuif
Speakers: Connor Farren, Dublin (PDF Presentation download)
François Paille, Nancy (PDF Presentation download)
Jürgen Rehm, Toronto (PDF Presentation download)