International cooperation

EUFAS aims to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and experiences between national and European associations through communication and networking activities and with the annual General Assembly meetings of the Federation, and accompanying EUFAS symposia , where member society representatives meet to discuss current achievements and challenges in research and practice, and plan future collaborative efforts and EUFAS actions.

The Federation also gives the yearly EUFAS-EAR Award for high-level and long-standing scientific contribution to the field of European Addiction Research.

EUFAS Membership

If you are a member of a national or international society dedicated to studying or treating addiction-related problems, and you are interested in participating in EUFAS, please find more information on EUFAS membership here or contact the EUFAS Secretariat through Ingrid Weber ([at] or EUFAS President Dr Toni Gual (TGUAL[at]

Since 2016, EUFAS also collaborates with the journal European Addiction Research to present the European Addiction Research (EUFAS-EAR) Award to an outstanding scientist in addiction research, inviting the winner to deliver a plenary presentation on their work: