Science and Research

EUFAS was founded to promote education and the attainment of the highest level of scientific knowledge and understanding in the field of addiction through cooperation in Europe.

The Federation engages in networked scientific activity, such as the EUFAS surveys which draw on the expertise of the member societies to address key research questions of relevance to the understanding and management of addictive behaviours and problems:

  • EUFAS Survey 2015: medications for alcohol use problems – this web-based survey gathered data from member societies in 21 countries on the use of different medications to foster abstinence and/or reduce alcohol intake. The results of the survey were presented at the EUFAS General Assembly in Dundee. The full paper can be read here: Paper on drugs for AUD in EAR 2016.
  • EUFAS Survey 2017: Cannabis – an online survey was carried out in 2017 on national level legislation, guidelines and research into medical cannabis use. The full paper can be read here: Paper on medical cannabis in EAR 2018.
  • EUFAS Survey 2018: Guidelines for alcohol use disorders – an online survey was carried out in 2018 on national level guidelines on the treatment of alcohol use disorders. The full paper can be read here: Paper on Guidelines for AUD