EUFAS General Assembly 2019 at Lisbon Addictions

Attendees at the EUAFS General Assembly at Lisbon Addictions October 2019, from left to right: Frieder Wurst (EUFAS treasurer and representative of Austrian Society for Addiction Research and Addiction Therapy), Conor K. Farren (representative of St. Patricks University Hospital, Dublin), Solja Niemelä (representative the Finnish Society for Addiction Medicine), Marcus Herdener (Swiss Society for Addiction Medicine), Cristina Ribeiro (EC member to be and representative of the Portuguese Addiction Medicine Association), Ioannis Diakogiannis (prepesentative of the Helenic Society for the Study of Addictive Substances), Emanuele Scafato (EC member and representative of Societa Italiana di Alcologia), Gerardo Florez (representative from Spain for Socidrogalcohol), Geert Dom (President of EUFAS and representative of the Flemisch Society for Psychiatry, Section on addiction psychiatry), Tony Gual (past president of EUFAS, and chair of EUFAS nomination committee), Hanne Tønneson (EC member from Sweden), Karl Mann (founding president of EUFAS), Colin Drummond (first vice president of EUFAS and representative for three UK addiction societies), Jørgen G. Bramness (Secretary General and representative of the Norwegian Association of Addiction Medicine), Hans-Jürgen Rumpf (representative of the German Society for Addiction Research and Treatment) and Marcin Wojnar (second vice president of EUFAS and representative of Polish Society for Addiction Research)

The General Assembly of the EUFAS was held during the Lisbon Addiction meeting in October. Read here the presidential report and the minutes of the meeting.