Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for developing the vision and direction of EUFAS and for steering, planning and implementing activities of the European Federation, involving all participating member societies.

Committee Members (click to unscroll)
Executive Committee members for the period 1/1/2018-31/12/2020:
Prof. Geert Dom: President (BE)
Prof. Antoni Gual: Past president (ES)
Prof. Colin Drummond: Senior vice-president (UK)
Prof. Marcin Wojnar: Junior vice-president (PL)
Prof. Jørgen Bramness: Secretary general (NO)
PD Dr. Frieder Wurst: Treasurer (AU)
Prof. Falk Kiefer EAU (DE)
Additional board members:
Dr. Gerardo Florez (ES)
Prof. Johan Franck (SE)
Dr. Benjamin Rolland (FR)
Prof. Emmanuel Scafato (IT)
Prof. Karl Mann (DE) Founding president 

Nomination Committee

The EUFAS Nomination Committee, elected by the Executive committee and under the chairmanship of the immediate Past President, invites nominations from the members of the General Assembly for the posts of President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer of the Federation.

The Executive Committee may decide the number of candidates to be nominated for each of the four and up to four additional Officer posts (the officer for treatment development and the officer for research development, the officer for prevention development, the officer for Eastern Europe). The nominations are submitted to the vote of the General Assembly of EUFAS for approval.

Members of the current Nomination Committee (in alphabetic order):

Anthony Gual (chair) (ES)
Gerardo Florez (ES)
Jørgen G. Bramness (NO)
Johan Franck (SW)